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tv   Call- In for Debate Reaction  CSPAN  October 3, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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everybody is getting a fair shot. everybody is playing by the same rules. four years ago i said i am not a perfect man and i will not be a perfect president. that is probably a promise gov. romney things i kept. i promised i would fight every single day on behalf of the american people. i have kept that promise. if you vote for me, i promise i will fight just as hard in the second term. >> thank you. thank you, mr. president. thank you for tuning in. this is an important election, and i am concerned about america. i am concerned about the direction of america has been taking. i know this is bigger than any election about the two of us as individuals. is bigger than our respective parties. it is about what kind of america do you want to have for yourself and your children.
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there are two different paths we are speaking about this evening and over the course of the next month we will have two other debates. we will talk about the two paths. they lead in different directions. it is not just looking at our words, you can look at the record. there is no question if the president were to be reelected, he would continue to see a middle-class squeeze it. we have had 43 straight months with unemployment over 8%. i will help create 12 million new jobs in this country with rising incomes. if the president is reelected, obamacare will be fully installed. in my view that will make a whole different way of life for people who counted on the insurance plan the had in the past. he was the health premiums go up by $2,500 per family. -- you will see health premiums go up by $2,500 per family.
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we want each state to craft their own programs and we will focus on getting the cost of health care down. if the president is reelected, you will see a $716 billion cut to medicare. you will have hospitals and providers no longer accepting medicare patience. i will restore the $716 billion to medicare. the president is reelected, you will see dramatic cuts to the military. i will not cut our commitment to our military. i will keep america strong, and did the middle class working again. thank you. >> thank you governor and mr. president. the next debate will be the vice-presidential even to in ky. for now from the university of denver, thank you and good night. [cheers and applause]
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>> we are going to watch the scene from the university of denver for a few more minutes. then we will start taking your telephone calls, your facebook comments, and your tweets. we will be vexing. -- back soon.
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>> it is time for your reaction. those of you watching the debate and those of you go into the polls next month, we want to know what you think about the debate. whether there were any moments that might have changed your mind. what you thought it was a game changer for the status of the election. our phone lines are open. you want to tweet about the debate, add cspan2012. we are here for 50 minutes listening to the public and listening to your reaction about the debate. this is max from ohio.
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>> it was not a game changer, really. we knew what they were going to talk about. romney wants to decrease the size of government. it was not a game changer. we knew what they were going to say. >> did you think it was well moderated? >> i felt like most of the questions were pretty good. the one question i thought -- the mission of the federal government -- i thought that was an irrelevant question. you know they are going to try to decrease the size of government, trying to give government back to the states. obama will obviously quite a stronger government. the moderator did a good job.
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>> next is alex from indiana. what did you think? >> i thought mitt romney showed great poise during the debate. he just looked overall more polished than obama did. i thought the moderating was great. people have to get their views across. i believe that obama during the debate concluded even more to me that he is not what we need over the next four years. he has talked about the same things for the past year during the campaign, which is providing more safety nets for lower income people, putting in more government regulations on small businesses and big businesses, he has not taken china seriously, taking american jobs
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and being a money manipulator. he has added so much to the national debt to that he promised to reduce. i know it is not all of his fault and the congress is to blame, too, but he is the guy that has to take charge and get people realizing we are on a path to destruction. i think we need a new president in 2012. >> will also take some tweets. karl rove says -- next is a viewer watching us from oklahoma who is a democrat. this is gary. >> thank you. i thought the president held up on mr. romney. mr. romney comes out and tells you he will tax -- not lower
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taxes on the rich by cutting out deductions. just like the president said, he did not hammer him enough on it. even if you add up all of the deductions and then the defense spending, you are just going further into the hole. >> thank you. that is dave's tweet to us. we also have our facebook page open and our twitter account. you can send us lots of comments and any of these mediums. you can reach us on
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this is laurie who is a democrat. >> this is maria. i was calling to say i think romney is running on his ego. what he has been talking about all through this campaign was just taking care of the rich and not try to help the ones down below. there are so many people that need help. when obama bought into office, he already had that debt. it takes time for a person to -- romney should know -- it takes time to settle that big of a debt in more than four years. it will take more for us to get out of the dead that we are in. i think we should give president obama a chance for the next four years and let him prove himself. everybody is fighting against him.
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the first year the republicans said they want to stop obama. everybody should have a chance at life. they should give him a chance to prove he can do the job. he has been trying to do the job. >> next is don in houston who is a republican. >> hello, i am actually in colleyville, tx. i am a republican. i felt like obama has had three and a half years to basically do this. he has forced obamacare down our throats. nancy pelosi basically said that we would know what is in it when it is approved. what we are finding out is it will cost us a lot more once it is here. as far as mitt romney goes, i
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really feel like he needs to hold obama's feet to the fire on what he has not accomplished and not let him get away with that. >> next up is peter from gettysburg, pennsylvania. >> i thought both candidates did pretty well. i thought obama could have probably drolled mitt romney on a lot of the comments he made. i thought he could have brought him a little bit more. i do think mitt romney did a good job of bringing forward his arguments. i did think he was a little rude in interrupting president obama. his presence was a lot stronger than i was expecting. i look forward to seeing the rest of the debates. >> just in watching it, what was your purse but -- perception on who got more time?
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i felt like mitt romney got more time to talk. the moderator should have been a little bit more aggressive in cutting off mitt romney and giving obama a fair share of what he had to say. >> cnn had a debate timer. if their numbers are right, president obama actually got a little bit more time. >> it is probably because obama had a lot of pauses in his speech where mitt romney kept going and going. that is one thing i really did like about his speech is he kept moving on to the next point where obama was a something and pause for a while and then kept going. i really liked mitt romney's presence and how he kept moving onto the next point. i did like also how obama kept asking mitt romney about what his plan is. he never said what his plan is. he just kept saying he has a
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plan. >> thank you, peter. >> we are going to go to miami, florida. >> romney never gave me an idea on what he was going to do with obamacare. >> you have to hit the volume on your tv. are getting feedback. i am going to move on. sorry about that. next up is a republican from pennsylvania.
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>> i was very pleased with the debate. i thought it went well. i certainly do think that mitt romney came out ahead. i thought the timing was pretty even. it really finally put everything out there, the differences between them without all of the hype and the spin. i really think it was an excellent opportunity for the american people to view it and judge for themselves. i think it is so obvious that we have to take a new path. i think mitt romney is the one to take us there. we have had for years of president obama. he has not been able to deliver. we cannot afford four more years. i had my mind made up, but this confirms it. i appreciate the opportunity to see the debate and comment on it. >> thank you very much. next is a telephone call from kevin in a staten island and is
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also an independent. >> the debate was good, and i enjoyed it. they gave me perspective of both individuals and the path of a mean to take. just like a previous caller said, we do not know what his plan is. it is like "the art of war." if we are going to vote for you, tell me what you are going to do. a good leader informs his soldiers of what they are going to do and how they will go about a plan of attack. you do not to say go into the ravine while meanwhile the enemy is sitting on the planks. that is why obama is telling me what he is going to do, and i have seen what he is going to do. i want a guy that will go after the guy who came after us. 9/11 said a lot.
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>> thank you, kevin. now we go to steve in the debate hall. >> leon emerson and samantha shepherd both here inside the hall. many people watching this at home, but you are in the venue. what is your take away? >> i thought it was an incredible experience. once in a lifetime for me. we travelled from california just to be here. it was an incredible civics lesson to see them face to fac that was really an amazing opportunity. >> i agree with their. once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to be in the arena tonight to see the two candidates. >> there are some monitors behind you. were you watching the candidates or splitting your eye contact between the monitors and what was on stage? >> i was fortunate to see both candidates. >> what about the body language?
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>> i thought they were both composed. i think they were both very well rehearsed and very ready to debate each other. >> from your standpoint? >> the same. i think the president was comfortable and romney came in also prepared. >> who comes out a winner tonight? >> i think mitt romney was a little more presidential in his ability to connect things he is planning to do and how he would like to take the country. i think he really laid out his plan to keep the constitution with his mention of the bill of rights and the declaration of independence and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, i think we are all part of his plan. >> were the questions asked by the moderator what you were looking for? was there something missing or you think it cover the issues important? >> it cover the issues important. economics is number one, and
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where the president will take the country. i think he told us exactly what he is going to do dealing with jobs, middle-class america. president handled it very well. >> or the right questions asked tonight? >> i think so. that is a lot to cover in 90 minutes. there are so many details. i think they were able to cover most of them. >> was there a moment from the debate you think we will remember a line or something said by either mitt romney or the president? >> i believe that when romney was talking about the fact that he sees only good things on the horizon by trading opportunities for people to have jobs and taking more rigid taking the government more out of the private sector and giving people an opportunity to see what they are able of doing. that is what i took away. >> what about you? >> the president still making his stand where he knows where to take the country in dealing with the middle-class.
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i am a pastor. i see people suffering. i see where the president was to help people. he is in touch knowing what is going on, dealing with schools, health care, education and on with jobs. these are the things we want to hear. i believe our president is on track and is doing a good job. he will do a better job in the next four years. >> thank you both for sticking around and talking to us on c- span. >> those two viewers who were in the auditorium, both very positive about the experience. here is a facebook, enter with a different point of view. -- he has a different point of the eve. -- views.
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while we are looking at twiter, paul ryan produced this picture of him watching the debate. let's hear next from angela and los angeles. >> somebody asked why obama did not attack mitt romney -- i do not believe it is about that. i believe it was about connecting with people. >> next up is harriet. >> i really enjoyed the debate. i think mitt romney did a good job. i love that he is going to put government back into the governor's hands and work with everybody to get good health care for those with pre-existing conditions and for people who
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cannot afford it. thank you for taking my call. >> on facebook -- next up from kentucky, independent, you are on the austin. >> i agree that the debate was not anything very special. romney was being a little ridiculous constantly interrupting obama. over all, not very much of a great debate. we will see how it goes. >> next up is delores' from rhode island, she is a democrat there. >> i thought that obama did better.
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detailing exactly the tax cuts that need to be in place again to create the jobs. i just remember over the past several years filibuster's that have happened. when he did try to create job bills. over all i thought obama did much better. >> here are some more facebook comments. christine on twitter writes to us -- next up is a comment from
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cigarettes in bloomington, illinois. >> >> my comment has to deal with medicare for senior is. it is very difficult. i thought neither candidate or the president really brought that home. it is difficult for seniors to understand how the plan's impact them without a clear example -- examples that hit home. for example, president obama talked about doctors that order reduplicate testing. i have seen that with my own husband with thousands of dollars in the copays for similar tests they could have appeared together and gotten the results. for example gov. romney talked about states. what happens when seniors relocate which they often do when they retire. well that eliminate them? would they have to reapply with the state?
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there is just so much there without somebody really spelling that out and showing seniors and talking on their level on how this impacts them. the debate did not help in that regard. thank you. >> thank you for making your comment. bird clip.d the bi birg what gov. romney said. >> there are three ways you can cut the deficit. one is to raise taxes. no. two is to cut spending. number three is to grow the economy. if more people work, they are paying taxes and you can get the job done that way. the president would prefer raising taxes. the problem is that it slows down the rate of growth. you can never quite get the job done. i want to lower spending and encourage economic growth at the same time. what would i come from spending? i would eliminate all programs by this test if they do not pass it. is is so critical it is worth
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borrowing money from china to pay for? if not, i would cut it. obamacare is on my list. i use that term with all respect. >> i love it. >> i will stop subsidies to pbs. i will not keep spending money on things to borrow money to pay for it. i will take programs that are currently good programs, but if you run more efficiently at the state level. number three, i will make government more efficient and cut back the number of employees. i will combine some agencies and departments. cutbacks will be done through attrition. this is the approach we need to take to balance the budget. the president said he would cut the deficit in half. unfortunately, he doubled it. he has put in place almost as much of debt held by the public as all prior presidents
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combined. >> here is one of many big bird related tweets -- here are some facebook comments. nextnext up is jerramy. >> i really like obama is plan on health care and i really like that he wants lower taxes for the middle class. >> next up clinton from south carolina, democrat. >> i believe that barack obama was foremost the best in the
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debate. he talked about being for the middle class. he is for the poor man. the rich is already rich. why keep the port port? far more theama was fo best candidate. >> during the conventions, we talk with the delegates and introduced them to you on camera during our coverage. we thought we would check in with one democrat delegate and one republican delegate. we have the texas and delegate, watching the debate tonight, mr. fulton, how did mr. romney do tonight? >> i was very excited at the job that he did. usually, he comes off with not a lot of energy and has not been attacking obama very much.
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but during this debate, he came in from the very beginning. he was energetic. i thought he connected well as he answered the questions. i was very excited. he gave his proposals. this is one of the best jobs i have seen him do since he won the nomination appeared >> do you think it was enough to be a game changer for this campaign? >> what i think happened is, for once, he no longer let them define who he is. i think he has let the democrats and the media define who he was as far as tax rates, lowering taxes for the rich, and not looking for the middle-income and lower-income people. and for once, he was able to articulate exactly who he was and that those were not his programs that were being mentioned by the media and by the president. i do think that it helps him
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especially with independence to find out who he really is. at this point, they need to see who he is. >> when we met you at the convention, you had originally been a supporter of ron paul. i wonder what your thoughts are and how enthusiastic your support is for this ticket and how other people like you in the republican party will be voting for him in november. >> i feel very supportive, but i do like some of ron paul positions. i think that is why i liked him in this debate. in all honesty, i was not as excited about him as some of the other candidates who were running for president on the republican side. this one actually got me a lot more excited than i have been
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since he won the nomination. i can say that i was excited. i would have gone to the polls anyway and voted for him because it is a much better candidate than voting for obama. >> besides voting yourself, have you been working and you intend to work on behalf of the ticket? >> i do think i will now. like i said, with this debate, i want to go out and push for it. i think i will find places that i can be in assistance to get people out to vote. i am in a state that is one of the rightist -- one of th ereddest. romney will win texas. but if there is phone banking, things like that it can be done to reach out to people in other
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states, especially in swing states, i definitely want to do that. and as a black american, i want to be in swing states in neighborhoods where i can reach out to those people who can understand the policies of the republican party that can help them get out of the situation they are in. >> kevin fulton, a republican delegate that we met in tampa earlier this year, catching up with him after watching the first debate. thank you for sharing your comments with us. steve scully once again on the floor of the day col. >> we thought it appropriate to talk to a two du students. i want to begin with you, jake. was there a defining moment in this debate for you tonight? >> sao want to take this opportunity to thank -- i just
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want to take this opportunity to thank the chancellor. mitt romney kept hammering home that it is dave -- increase. that has been portrayed in the media. to have him say i don't want to cut the taxes by $5 trillion or increase the deficit, he made that clear. >> from your standpoint? >> one of the defining moments was when barack obama had to bring up how many times mitt romney left things unstated with specific plans. he said he wanted to change things that did not have a moment of specifics. >> you were among the 150 students in this university inside the debate hall. many people watching on tv expressing their opinions. from being in the room, what was it like? >> it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be here in the room as the debate is happening. you can see both candidates and
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their facial expressions and their body language as the entire debate continues. it was quite wonderful. >> for you? >> this is by far one of the most incredible experiences i have ever had. it is a great day to be a pioneer. i was lucky enough to stand near the front during the debate with most of the amazing people we could meet. it was up -- it is something i will cherish forever. >> you are a supporter of the president. you are a supporter of mitt romney. was this a game changer for either candidate? >> i don't think it was a game changing debate at all. it was a good conversation, but, when we look at how it comes off, i don't think it will be changed. >> did the moderator asked the questions that you're looking for? >> i don't think the moderated the debate at all. mitt romney debated the debate. >> why? >> he kept interrupting.
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>> and from your standpoint? >> i think it was a huge game changing the date for mitt romney. he came back from the beginning and wanted to get his plans and he really did. it was a good time for him to have a conversation with president obama pin he did control the debate. he made sure he got out every point he needed to get out. he made sure he got the last point. that is something he really needed to do. >> two seniors graduating next year from the university of denver. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for having as. >> that you. >> checking on twitter, joe biden tweeted on the debate. taking your calls and reactions to the first presidential debate. next up is arizona. i am sorry, you are in arkansas.
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>> i thought this was a good solid basis for the first of three debates between two very good candidates that have never spoken face to face in a debate setting. i was really impressed by mitt romney, how he was talking about a new tax as a coast -- a new past as opposed to a "change" that we have not seen in four years. i'll was impressed on the tactics that obama is using to propose mitt's proposed health obligations to change "obama care." obamacare has not worked in its inception and it will not be working in its conclusion. my wife just went to open heart surgery. she is a medicare recipient herself. if we have obama for president, people like my wife will be left out in the cold. i thought mitt had great brown
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worked in massachusetts that got kicked in the paper shredder and let in red tape. if it had gone through, we would have seen massachusetts shine like a universe. in the next two debates, we will see who will shine through. personally, i think mitt romney will be our best option. obama did not mention anything about china. he skirted a lot of the questions. he was never direct to the point and he was always trying to attack commit. mitt was very confident in his actions. he seemed to outline everything. when he was an attack on no details to his plan and this that and the other, i think he said, number one, i did this. no. 2, we're doing that. number three, we're doing that. i think we will have very good debate sessions coming up in the near future. >> thank you. next up, kate, independent, california.
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are you there? >> yes, i'm here. >> you are on the air. go ahead with your comment. >> i was really disappointed by the debate. while president obama had substantive points, he was a little meandering. i honestly expected better of him as a public speaker. but when it romney would press specifically on what you will do, what specifically are your numbers, he would say things like "let's just make up a number." that is not confidence- inspiring. and it was terrible for jim lehrer who did not have control of the debate at any point. i dunno if he needed more tools to assert himself, but that did not improve my view of either candidate. >> here's a clip of president obama talking about mitt romney's tax plan. >> for me, this is about jobs for the american people. >> do you challenge what the governor said about his own
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plan? >> for 18 months, he has been running on this tax plan. and now, five weeks before the election, he is saying that his big bold idea is never mind. the fact is, if you are lowering the rates the way you describe, governor, then it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high-income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. it is math. it is arithmetic. >> continuing to take your reaction on twitter. >> next up is kory from glen cove, maryland. >> our you doing? >> fine, thank you. you're on the air. >> the debates are premature game of chess. as a champion, you base your
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player. i think that is what president obama did. romney is known for backtracking in a lot of his statements. there are a few more debates to go. i guarantee you romney will not give you any specifics and he will continue to backtrack. gathering information and getting hurt them at the end when he cannot -- and getting them at the end when he cannot backtrack, basically, that is what obama's strategy is. also, pretty much the overall international appeal of obama, people are not paying attention to the relationship he has with senior officials in different countries. mitt romney johnson in has to say what he has to say could has president, you have to be poised. you have to be confident with who you are talking to and what
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you have to talk about. i think that is how obama tone it down on his own platform. he is the president. he is in office. he knows the stuff that is going on. >> thank you. we have about 15 minutes left to take your calls from all around the country and your reaction to the debates. let's introduce you to another delegate. this is cindy was a delegate to the democratic convention. she was named mayor pro tem and wants to the debate tonight. what was your reaction? >> i was kind of confused when i started listening to the pundits after the debates because i took a lot of notes, wrote down a lot of descriptive words about how i thought each candidate was looking and acting. so that i could have an intelligent conversation and not just come from one perspective. i had a loose, nervous and
11:15 pm
aggressive on romney. and i had relaxed, speaking to the audience, and confident on obama. but that is not what i am hearing from the pundits. so i am confused about what i experienced and what i hear other people saying. i was at a local establishment in kansas city full of law students who were really engaged. their reactions were early positive. they felt like he was speaking to them and maybe it is a gender thing. i don't know. between the pundits and agile people who are sitting there and watching and wanting somebody to be talking to them. and we did not feel a connection with romney. >> did you have a reaction or was there some consensus from those your with watching the debate about the style of the debate?
11:16 pm
we were told by the debate commission that they wanted it to be looser in format, not so 1-minute response and 90-set and rebuttals so that the candidates had more time. did it work? >> i believe that it did. debates are hard to have completely fair. there's always someone speaking last. but i think each candidate had ample time and rebuttals time to put out their thoughts. we did not hear specifics from romney. i think that a lot of the main points are exactly the same. there was talk about the middle class, about better health care, that the approaches are completely different. >> what will it take to deliver for the president in your home state in the election? >> missouri is a tough state for the president. we have candidates running like
11:17 pm
akins who believe that women have special powers and it is a really scary thing what is happening in missouri. at the same time, missourians have a real sense of who's blowing smoke and who is not and who will roll up their sleeves. we have backed our republicans. senator bond was a great advocate in washington, republican. we will back whoever it is that is there fighting for us and our values as midwesterners. it is not about the extreme values. it is about taking care of each other, and growing our economy, and bringing something home. i am the council person. these cuts will affect the municipal level. it is easy to say to just throw
11:18 pm
it to the states. that does not happen overnight and drastic things happen when transitions are happening. we are feeling that right now. we are fighting hard for obama. we feel like we know what we're getting. and it is very scary to embrace anything that romney is same because we don't understand what is he is saying. he is not explaining it. what is telling you that is the one comment where he said on health care that it would take too long. it is too long to explain. that is a problem for me. if you can i give me some specifics, how can i support you? >> councilwoman cindy circo, we met during the democratic convention in charlotte, catching up with her tonight after the first debate. thank you. >> thank you so much. have a good night. >> let's use our last 12 minutes tonight.
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we agree air the debates across the country, john mccain has pleaded -- has tweeted. let's hear from matt from houston. >> imf republican, but i find myself for the middle of the road. -- i am a republican, but i am free middle of the road. we will have distinct differences on what we think about certain things. but one thing that i pulled away in favor of mitt romney was that he has a clear record of being able to work well and get things done in a very partisan environment in the state of massachusetts. if you look at president obama's
11:20 pm
record, he has a record of not being able to work well in a partisan environment. we will have to work together to get things done and my vote will go to mitt romney because he has a record of being able to do something just like that. >> thank you so much. in addition to posting your comments and we already have a lot of them on the debate, more than 1200 comments have come in on tonight's first debate, we also now have it all up there, which is a simple "who won?" let's take a look at how things stand right now. my technology is not working. we will come back after this call. it is from abilene in illinois. >> i thought both candidates did a good job. i was a little more impressed with the president.
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because of that, i am getting off the fence and going with the president. i think the moderator could have exercised more control. he let romney cut in and takeover more than he should have. i found obama to be more believable and i feel that he has prevailed in spite of the legislature. the objective of the legislature to make him a one-term president. and if he wins this next term, that obstruction and the reason for that obstruction will be removed. i think he will be able to get a lot more done because there is no reason for the legislature to keep trying to fight him to make him a one-term president. >> thank you. back to the facebook poll, it is an informal one. it is people who are on the page right now. it stands at 109 for mitt
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romney and 3864 barack obama. you can -- 368 for barack obama. next is deborah, battle creek, mich., a democrat. >> i was really frustrated at the beginning because i felt like the moderator did not have control of the debates. and ronnie continued to cut in and step over obama. i just felt like watching romney -- i felt like he was playing to the american people and say what
11:23 pm
he would do but no -- but would not be specific about it. though whole thing, it was very frustrating for me. >> thank you. next up is sam burke on twitter who wrote -- and bryant on the phone next from greensville taxes is a republican. go ahead with your comment. >> i felt romney beloit when -- i felt romney blew it when -- [inaudible] >> and this twitter comment . elaine is up next pinches
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watching in illinois and is an independent. >> i am really in florida right now and i am watching the debate. i called in as an independent because -- i don't know what an independent is. i vote for whoever i think is good. i am a small business owner. i have children who are small business owners to. the worst years we have had were the last four years. i like romney because he is a businessman and i know he will surround himself by intelligent people and he will do the best. i will save my economy. i will vote for romney. i did not know who i was going to vote for until i watched this. forgive me if i am wrong and everybody else, but think about it, ok? because it is very important. it is our lives. it is our children, our homes, everything we asked. >> thank you.
11:25 pm
next up, sandy is in alexander arkansas, a democrat. >> hello. >> you're on, welcome. >> i do agree with councilwoman circo. i felt the same thing about mitt romney. he was a little bit aggressive. i saw barack obama gained poise. that is his personality. the moderator allowed us to see the true personalities. that is what we needed to see, who they really are. we know who obama is. but romney is 9 giving us any specifics and we still did not give any specifics tonight. it will take more than a businessman to run the country. we need somebody who really understands people. people are hurting. he said that. but just being a businessman is not enough. you have to be able to relate to people on all levels. >> people who are working the
11:26 pm
debate are capturing their photographs for prosperity. the next site is the vice presidential debate coming up next week on the 11th and it is in center college in danville, kentucky. next up is john, a republican. >> i felt that of canada's did not touch on what is on my mind, which is immigration -- that both candidates did not touch on what is on my mind, which is immigration. you have immigrants making more money than true americans. >> thank you. back to facebook.
11:27 pm
this is next is robert from coronado california. this is an independent scholar. >> i want to say thank you for having me on. the body language of the candidates -- i think romney won that. as far as his ideas, he said a lot of stuff about the changes he made to the state. but i think the national state will be different idea and something that is a little far- fetched right now. >> thank you, robert. >> up, karen, who is watching from florida. had a miserable reaction tonight. the whole time romney was talking, i said how? how? how?
11:28 pm
i wanted him to say how he would do all of this stuff, but he did not tell us how. it was extremely frustrating. and then a lot of his facts were wrong. at least obama got him to admit that he wants to voucherize medicare and destroy it. i was surprised by the lack of knowledge, the fact that you get tax breaks for moving companies overseas. that has been a well-known fact since the clinton administration. i really thought barack could have hit him a lot harder on a lot of things. when he said that there was $90 billion bid into green energy, that is what has been creating jobs all over this country. california has an incredible job increase in the solar energy field. i am with barack. he knows what he is doing.
11:29 pm
>> liz will be our final phone call. she is in north carolina, republican. >> i think that the moderator was very disappointing. he did not control the debate at all. obama had much more time than romney. i think a couple of times, romney did sort of interrupt, but he had to. obama had been on for five minutes. i timed it myself. the other thing is that people are saying that romney did not lay out his agenda very well. i think he did. he explained what he wanted to do, 1, 2, 3, several times. the lady from florida said that he didn't explain what he was going to


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